Your resource, your plan, your success.

At Modus RP, we help UK businesses get the most out of their workforce by proactively planning the demands of their customers.
Modus RP typically help businesses save money through resource planning if:
  • your workforce has 30 or more heads
  • your company has merged or taken on a large contract
  • your current processes have room for improvement
  • your business model has many contracts; i.e. engineering, call centres
  • you’re based in the UK
We achieve this by:
  • smart and creative resource planning
  • building long term resource models
  • scenario modelling
  • reviewing crucial data
“What is resource planning? I wasn’t aware this existed to help my business. Please tell me more.”

Resource planning is exactly what it says on the tin.

Planning your resources.

Your resources are your organisation’s people, time and budget.

It is a clear and systematic process used to optimise your organisation resources.

It requires careful project management, timekeeping and sticking to a budget.

Resource planning is essential when scaling up your business. It relies on strong communication, lots of data and the foresight to know what you need and when; without the disruption to normal daily activities.

The ultimate goal of resource planning is to make sure your business has the required resources, whilst ensuring your organisation is still turning a profit.

The types of problems we solve at Modus RP:

My business just won a huge contract. We’re really excited as it’s a substantial amount of work. We need to hire more heads but don’t want to hire too little or too many.
Things are going well for us. We are wanting to expand however we currently can’t afford to hire more heads. Where can we save money to allow us to move forward?
We would prefer to keep things in-house but we don’t know where to start! We need the planning tools and know-how to get things moving forward into real profit.

Find a service that best fits your requirements

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Deep Dive Health Check – Data gathering and tracking to really dissect which area’s of your business will benefit most from our efforts of optimisation.

Support – Execution of the “Discovery Deep Dive” with useful tracking software and review of business tech for added savings.

Embed – To continue our services and be constantly reviewing your workforce requirements.

Manage – We become part of your extended team with additional scenario models for future growth. EXPLORE OUR SERVICES
If your organisation has a planning team in place, we can help you to increase the quality of the outputs delivered by redefining and growing the teams’ skills and responsibilities.

At Modus RP, our years of experience in resource planning means we can assist you with implementing and enhancing crucial workforce management (WFM) and telephony systems as well as ensuring you have the right processes in place to maintain them.

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