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Modus RP: what is it about us that helps businesses grow?
Why choose Modus RP as your resource planner?
  • With decades of experience in the field of resource planning, Modus RP prides itself on the wealth of knowledge and expertise it brings to its clients.
  • With vast working experience in major call centre technology including workforce management software (WFM), Modus RP can assist with the implementation and optimisation of your crucial systems.
  • Modus RP can quickly establish the needs of any planning team and provide critical advice on improvement measures that will provide tangible savings through effective resource planning.
Why outsource your resource planning?
  • Cost-effective and flexible for your business (typical Resource Planning Manager’s salaries can range from £40,000 – £60,000 depending on experience.)
  • Modus RP’s managed services are modular and can be tailored to suit all requirements and budgets. You can choose what modules you would like support with and our clear pricing structure will provide a cost per agent for the services required.
Founder and Managing Director, Vosy Gordon has managed resource planning teams for over 15 years. She understands in detail, what makes a successful planning function and has used this knowledge to support her clients. What has been clear through the consultancy services she has provided is that there are many organisations that require a helping hand with their resource planning and that the key to future success for these organisations is continued support at an affordable price.
My prospective clients would save money, grow their business with ease with a clear view of how they get there. There would be cost savings for the business and kudos for achieving this for the company. I review their processes to see if the costs/headcount associated with their particular growth is achievable, or rather what is the best route forward for them.
Vosy Gordon
Founder and Managing Director

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