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The benefits of choosing a managed service for long term planning.
With a managed service you leave the planning in the capable hands of experts who will provide you with the relevant MI outputs to help you achieve your KPI’s and leave you to do what you do best, manage your business.

Modus RP has a range of managed services to get the best from your team and organisation:
The first step in the Resource Planning cycle and one of the most important factors is being able to forecast customer demand. Without an estimate of the activities required to serve your customers, you cannot effectively size your contact centre.

Modus RP provides long term resource models to assist you in sizing the contact centre whilst planning future efficiencies based on your strategic direction.

Working with your marketing teams we will understand and forecast the impact of campaigns on your organisations’ resource and assist you in building robust recruitment plans.
There is a fine balance to navigate when it comes to building efficient, yet engaging, shift patterns. Long gone are the days of a one size fits all method of scheduling.

We will analyse your organisation to provide you with scheduling options that will not only take into account the KPI metrics that need to be met but also the engagement strategy adopted by the organisation.
Managed Workforce Management (WFM)
If you don’t want to commit to buying a WFM system or don’t have the expertise in house, Modus RP will manage a WFM system for you. From its implementation to the administration on a rolling month to month basis.
Workforce management (WFM) systems, like most systems, are only as good as the data that is held in them. Without effective data integrity, the system soon becomes inaccurate and redundant.

Modus RP will take care of all your WFM administration, from ensuring that the system matches all routing and skill structures, managing employee data and ensuring that the system is always up to date.
Analysis and Reporting
Everything doesn’t always go to plan and real-time management is designed for such eventualities. Modus RP will provide you with up to the minute performance of the centre and support you through the options of how to mitigate any risks to service.

We can also provide you with a host of MI reports which will assist you with proactive decision making to reduce any service degradation. This can range from a review of your long term forecast against actual demand down to the staffing hotspots by 15 minutes.
Account Management
Modus RP will provide you with your own dedicated account manager.

We are your experts in the field of planning and will provide you with frequent conference calls and site visits to support you with your planning needs.

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