Smart resource planning 5 ways

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Modus RP provides a suite of services to support your business. Our services cater for how much or how little assistance you require to realise the benefits of resource planning. The more interaction we have and the more we work as a team, the more successful the delivery will be. We are mindful, however, that some of our clients may just need guidance of where to look and are happy to go alone and execute the changes in their own time with their own people and therefore we have built packages to suit all our client’s needs.
Discovery Consultation
Free health check assessment; where our collaboration begins.

For organisations who are unsure if resource planning is worth investing in or would like to assess their current planning function. Modus RP offers a detailed health check assessment to start you on your cost-saving journey.

Length: 1 hour

Purpose: We explore how Modus RP can support your business.

Benefit: We do an overview of your processes to see if the costs/headcount associated with your specific growth is achievable, or rather what is the best route forward for your business.
Discovery Deep Dive Health Check
For Businesses who have had their Discovery Consultation and are keen to explore the full range of benefits our optimisation and planning specialists can bring. Our Deep Dive Health Check is where we delve into the nuts and bolts of your operation and associated planning, as well as getting to know your expectations, strategic direction and transformations already in flight.

Length: Full Day (On-Site)

Purpose: In conjunction with business leaders to gather insight and data on operational purpose and process we will dissect your operations to really drill down and draw out which functions and processes will gain the most benefit from our collaboration.

Benefit: You will be provided with a detailed report of the key risks and opportunities in your business. Additionally, you’ll get an action list with KPI’s that you will be advised to track. By tracking these KPI’s you can deliver the benefits highlighted for yourself or hire Modus RP to execute them on your behalf.
With the “Support” service Modus RP will assist you to plan how you will execute everything that was highlighted in the “Discovery Deep Dive”. Knowing what needs to be done and delivering it are very different!
It is important to note that without the buy-in of your managers and employees, any changes can and will fail. Therefore, during the planning service, we have focussed on providing you with an engagement and training session with your managers and employees. This is to bring the changes to life for your workforce and help them to get on board with the changes that need to be made.
Additionally, we provide you with a useful dashboard to track your progress and a project plan so you can deliver the right changes at the right time. This ensures that you keep momentum. When it comes to effectively changing your business these tools can be vital.

We will also support you with a review of your current technology. If there is anything we believe that could enhance your ability to achieve more with less, we’ll notify you.

A consultant will be on hand to support via a monthly 30 min call and a quarterly progress call. Modus RP will ensure that we support you with updating your plan throughout the year and beyond.
Modus RP always offers comprehensive support at all stages with any service. However, we recognise that some businesses want and need more.

With our “Embed” service Modus RP will do exactly what it says on the tin. We will support you more, with a tailored approach, with the execution of the “Support”.

To us, more support is more interaction. A consultant will be on hand to support via a weekly 30 min call, a monthly hour call and a quarterly on-site visit which will ensure that you are successful in executing your “Plan”.

We become part of your extended team in “Embed” and your success is our success. We will do everything we can to assist you to seize the opportunities that we have highlighted to you.

Additionally, we provide you with a model that tracks your requirements and helps you to scenario model the risks and opportunities throughout the year. This will help you to plan when to recruit or when you will have sufficient availability to grow and expand.
“Manage” is for our clients who don’t want our support to stop. This service is available after the first year of working with Modus RP.

This service is for you if after you have benefited from the opportunities highlighted you want to continue with constantly reviewing your workforce requirements. You can also keep ensuring that the changes are maintained and other opportunities are identified.

This is also ideal for any organisations that are going through growth and want to ensure that they have the right processes in place to scale.

The price is dependent on the size of the workforce and the level of support required; however, they will be competitive against hiring internally.

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